Caroline Burrasch

M.Sc., PhD student


E-mail: caroline.burrasch(at)

Caroline studied Psychology at TU Dresden, where she first stepped into the neuroscience universe by working for the Section of Systems Neuroscience as a student research assistant, which soon led her into conducting a bachelor’s thesis on the influence of nicotine dependence on emotional reactivity. Ultimately, she decided to enroll in a Neuroscience Master’s program. For her master’s thesis, she visited Dana Small’s lab at the John B. Pierce Laboratory at Yale University where she investigated the role of glucose metabolism on effort discounting for milkshake and monetary rewards. After her studies, she worked as a research associate at the University of Lübeck, conducting research on food choice and teaching nutrition psychology. Looking for better weather and an opportunity to learn more about and apply computational approaches to motivated behavior, Caroline joined neuroMADLAB in October 2017. In her PhD she will focus on mechanisms by which gut signals influence the perception of effort and rewards and how they shape neural responses and behavior.

Current research projects:

Impact of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation on effort-based decision-making