Chloe Nolingberg

B.Sc., Cognitive Science, research intern

Chloé came to the University of Tübingen in October 2017 to begin her Master’s program in cognitive science. She has always been interested in human behavior and decision processes. Consequently, cognitive science provided the opportunity to branch out from psychology and explore behavior in various related subjects including neuroscience and computer science. After taking a compelling seminar on Computational Psychiatry and learning more about how neuroscience, psychiatry, and programming can be used together to study behavior, Chloé joined the neuroMADLAB in April 2019 to expand her knowledge and experience on the subject. In the lab, she is primarily working on the binge eating project.

Chloé graduated from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in psychology, focusing on developmental and forensic psychology. She also has a Bachelor’s in German, through which a study abroad program initially led her to the University of Tübingen.