Sandra Neubert

cand. B.Sc., research intern

E-mail: sandra.neubert(at)

For the past two years, Sandra has been studying Marine Biology at Plymouth University and she is currently doing a placement year between the second and third year of her Bachelor’s degree. During an internship at the University of California, San Diego, on Natural Products Discovery (i.e. the first step in the development of novel drugs), Sandra worked on a developmental approach that involved applying machine learning techniques on genomic information. This sparked her interest in machine learning and she decided to expand her knowledge in this area. When Sandra found our DAAD RISE project description, she was immediately fascinated by the idea of using machine learning and statistical approaches to investigate neural processes and analyze fMRI data to identify potential markers of diseases to improve treatment selection and prediction.

In our lab, Sandra will work on improving ways to classify and predict mental disorders by using machine learning techniques to identify potential subgroups based on fMRI-derived biomarkers. By this, she hopes to gain insights and hands-on experience in neuroscientific research.