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Save the world from dangerous viruses

Make the right choices

A scientific online game for brain research
You can download Influenca for your operating system (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Android) in the current version 0.0.8 here:

Download Windows Installer
Download Mac OSX Installer
Download Linux Installer
Download Android APK

Instructions for setup:
Influenca can be installed via double-clicking on the downloaded .exe file. Please follow the instructions in the installer then.

Mac OSX:
Influenca can be installed via double-clicking on the downloaded .dmg file. As the Influenca installer image has not been signed as an official OSX software packge, the Mac Gatekeeper will display a warning in newer OSX versions while starting Influenca for the first time. This is expected behavior and does not point to malicious software in this case. You can open Influenca by doing a right-click on the downloaded .dmg file and choosing “Open” in the context menu. OSX will ask you if you intend to run the software. Please acknowledge this by clicking on “Open”. If you start Influenca the next time, this procedure should not be necessary anymore.

Linux: Please unzip the downloaded .zip archive into a folder of your choice. Then, please open a terminal, navigate to this folder and start Influenca by issuing the following command: ./Influenca

Android: The downloaded .apk file can be installed on your phone by clicking on “Install”. As Influenca has not been signed yet, you need to allow apps from unknown sources. For this, you click on “Settings” as soon as the security warning is displayed and move the slider for “Unknown sources” to activated. After this, Influenca can be started from the apps menu.

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Influenca – The Game

Our cities are being attacked by pathogens! Only science can stop them now. You run a lab and need to find the best drug to fight the pandemic. But be careful: the pathogens adapt. Can you save the world?



How do we make decisions?

The App Influenca is part of a scientific study at the University Clinic Tübingen, in which our decisions and learning in connection with rewards will be studied.


Who is the app for?


The app and the science behind it


iDownloading and installing Influenca



How do you play influenca?



Which devices support Influenca?
You can currently download the app for Windows, Mac and Linux computers and for Android smartphones.

How many rounds of the game are there in total?
There are a total of 30 rounds of the game and a bonus level at the end. After signing up, you can play the first 10 rounds. After the 10th round, we ask you to fill out some online questionnaires. Then the remaining rounds will be unlocked for you.

Why do I have to enter an e-mail address to register?
The e-mail address is only used to uniquely associate the data from the app with a user. However, an assignment to your person is not possible. Please also read our privacy policy for more information.

I forgot my password. Can I reset the password?
You can reset your password from within Influenca. For this, you will receive an e-mail to the mail address you provided during your registration.

Do I need an internet connection to play?
To play the game, no active connection to the internet is necessary. However, a connection to the internet should be established at least once during playing so that the data can be synchronized. Only in this way can we make the data usable for research.

What happens to my data from the game?
The data that we collect during the game and from the initial mood questions form the basis of our scientific analysis. Like all data collected in the lab, the app data is stored pseudonymized, meaning that a direct relationship to your person is not possible. The data are only used to answer scientific questions and can be published anonymously in professional journals. In addition, as part of the Open Science movement, the data may also be shared with other research organizations in a pseudonymised form. However, there is no economic interest in the data. For more information, read our privacy policy here.

How do I close Influenca?
Like any other app, the app Influenca can be placed in the background for a short break. If you do not continue playing within 60 minutes, you must start the current round from the beginning.
If you want to stop playing after completing a game round, please quit the app by closing it from your active app list (Android)  or via the “Exit” button in the main menu (computer).

Who can I contact if I have a problem?
If you have questions or technical problems in connection with the app, you can contact us via our contact form.

Why do I have to wait for two hours between levels?
Our behavior sometimes differs on different days. Therefore, we want to make sure that we can capture enough days to analyze a wide range of behavior and mood over time.

Can I interrupt a round of the game and finish it later?
It is possible to interrupt playing for a short time. However, if the app is inactive in the background for more than 60 minutes, the current level restarts. This is how we make sure that all the data really contains your current mood.

Do I have to complete the questionnaires after the 10th round of the game to be able to play the rest of the levels of Influenca?
Yes. After completing the online questionnaires, you will receive a code to unlock the remaining rounds. However, you can complete these questionnaires before, during the first rounds. The personalized link to the questionnaires will be sent to you shortly after registration.

Does Influenca cost anything?
Downloading and playing the app is completely free. When you register, you agree to our privacy policy and to the handling of the pseudonymised data collected in the study.

What’s in it for me to participate in the study?
If you are not participating in the „ Binge-eating disorder and neural variability“ study, you are playing the game just for your personal pleasure. You also contribute to developing a comprehensive picture of human decision-making processes.

If you are interested in participating in a study and live in Tübingen or the surrounding area, please contact us using the contact form below.



If you have any questions or want to use the app for your research and need assistance, please contact us via the form below. We will get back to you within 48 hours.



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