Magdalena Ferstl

cand. Med., M.D. student

Email: magdalena-susanne.ferstl(at)

Magdalena is currently a medical student at the University of Tübingen. As part of a curricular project during her medical studies, she joined the neuroMADLAB in October 2018. She worked on a project investigating the motivational effects of transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (tVNS). Magdalena focused on mood changes induced by the stimulation and assessed whether there is a difference between the stimulation of the vagus nerve via the left or the right ear.

Since Magdalena has seen the many faces of depression in friends and family in her life, she became determined to work on potential remedies. She also did internships at the Department of Psychiatry to learn more about depression and its treatment.

To deepen her knowledge on depression, Magdalena will investigate the effects of tVNS in depressed patients in her doctoral thesis work. Furthermore, Magdalena will investigate the metabolic effects of taVNS to study the interactions between the mind and the body. Such an embodiment of cognition has captivated her for a long time so she hopes to unravel crucial processes with her work. To support her research, Magdalena has received a stipend from the Faculty of Medicine (IZKF Promotionskolleg).