Vanessa Teckentrup

M.Sc., PhD student


E-mail: vanessa.teckentrup(at)

Vanessa joined the junior research group on the neuroscience of motivation, action, and desire in April 2017. Prior to that, she studied psychology at the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main where she used EEG connectomes to investigate the neural representation of trust and worked as a research assistant at the University of Tübingen, investigating the predictive value of resting-state MRI connectomes for the classification of depressive patients and healthy controls.

Vanessa has an eye for detail, likes to find connections in data and is interested in how things work in general. As the brain and its intricate wiring and dynamic network recruitment scheme in particular piqued her curiosity, her work focuses on bridging the gap between state-of-the-art functional connectivity approaches and their application in clinical settings. For this, she works on inferring behavioral parameters from connectomes and, following the principle of “garbage in – garbage out”, likes to dissect tasks and psychometric measures by investigating their reliability and the distribution of parameters in the population.

Given her belief that data and scientific results need to be a common good, she is a strong advocate against science as a black box and implements her projects with a focus on reproducibility and open sharing.

Sparked by her interest in programming and hardware she also loves to build fancy stuff in her spare time of which some things, like the MATLAB controlled candy dispenser, even make it to the lab setting while others, like the 3D printed model of her brain, happily reside at her home.

Current research projects:

Crowdsourcing the mosaic of the mind – Open Science Fellows Program