the neuroMADLAB end-of-the-year review

It’s almost time for the lab to head off into the holiday break, so we thought we should take a look back at the past year (the first year that neuroMADLAB existed), collect our personal highlights and share them with you.

Enjoy the review, take a look around our brand new website and have great holidays! See you next year!

  • 01/01: Official starting date of the junior research group at the Department of Psychiatry, University Hospital Tübingen
  • 09/01: Okay, it is Southern Germany, so basically no one is working before the 6th
  • 18/01: Nils hosts the first journal club of the Section of Translational Psychiatry. Lots of fMRI from now on. And discussions about stats, of course
  • 07/02: Monja joined neuroMADLAB for her Master’s thesis
  • 01/04: Vanessa joined neuroMADLAB as a PhD Student
  • 28/06: Nils gives a talk at OHBM
  • 19/07: Nils receives a junior research group grant by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tübingen
  • 14/08: We got data! The first subject for the new tVNS project was measured
  • 22/08: Ellie joined neuroMADLAB as our very own MATLAB-controlled candy dispenser, thanks to Vanessa. Happy birthday pal!
  • 21/09: Nils gives a talk at the neuroeconomics seminar, University of Zurich
  • 27/09: Vanessa receives a fellowship within the Open Science Fellows Program by Wikimedia Germany, Stifterverband and Volkswagenstiftung
  • 29/09: Nils receives a grant from the Else Kroener-Fresenius-Stiftung
  • 01/10: Caro joined neuroMADLAB as a PhD student
  • 01/10: Franzi joined neuroMADLAB for her medical doctoral thesis
  • 02/10: We take the power of effort in shaping reward value seriously: The new members are celebrated with handground coffee
  • 25/10: Monja & Vanessa host the first PhD happy hour (ProSt)
  • 07/11: Initial release of the fmreli toolbox, our first open resource built to help improve the reliability of fMRI data
  • 07/11: neuroMADLAB finally got its name. And a twitter handle. What a day 🙂
  • 09/12: Unofficial launch of
  • 15/12: Caro showcases once more her profound skills in image acquisition and processing at a whole other level. A picture is worth a thousand words (and some freezing):


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